A Night at the Florida Film Festival – ‘The Puffy Chair’

Recently I went to a film screening that was part of the the Florida Film Festival at my favorite theater of all time, the Enzian in Maitland, FL. It was an indie flick made about ten years ago called The Puffy Chair, and it was a special screening because the creator of the film, Mark Duplass, was there for a Q&A after.

Best seat in the house!

I got a ticket for the night because, as an avid watcher of HBO’s Togetherness (RIP), and other projects of his, I am a big fan of Duplass. I had never seen this specific film, but was excited to see what it was about. It turns out to be a movie he made with his friends and family for a budget of around $50,000 that was sold to Sundance back in 2005.

Not only was the film a great treat, but I also inspired by hearing about the way in which it was created. Duplass talked about how he (and his brother Jay, who have been a creative duo their entire career) have devoted such time and work to make their independent films. He stressed how much he prefers to work on those types of movies as opposed to working with big studios (which he also has on his resumé), because of the amount of control he can have with them.

For the same reason as him, I prefer these simple, rawly-made films for their sense of realness and emotion (please see: “MUMBLECORE” – my favorite film genre name for its random specificity). The Puffy Chair, a journey tale about love, family, and the complications therein, was completely real in all of its funny, uplifting, and sad moments.







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